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Intranet software comparison

The Simpplr alternative: Comparing ThoughtFarmer with Simpplr

As a Simpplr alternative, ThoughtFarmer’s highly intuitive and customizable intranet platform is built to help you enhance collaboration, strengthen connections, and enrich your company culture.
TF Vs Simpplr 5


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Your do-it-all intranet to increase collaboration, improve connection, and enhance culture

ThoughtFarmer empowers your team to be more informed and connected to their work, the organization, and to each other. As a powerful Simpplr alternative, ThoughtFarmer goes beyond simple collaboration to build real connection and efficiency into every day.

Break down those department silos forever and connect your employees no matter where they are: in-office, hybrid, at home, or in the field — across town or across the globe.

The ThoughtFarmer impact

Build a digital workplace with genuine engagement

Why is engagement so important? It’s the antidote to “quiet quitting” — the employees who do their jobs, but aren’t actively involved in the company or don’t plan to stick around. It’s not a Gen Z trend, either: According to Gallup, 77% of employees are classified as “not engaged” with 59% being “quiet quitters.”

Collaboration is the key to building engagement. Your employees want to work effectively together: 75% say collaboration is very important but 39% of people say their organization doesn’t make it happen enough.

Work more efficiently now while also nurturing and retaining your employees for long-term success with feedback polls, group discussions, a filterable employee directory, and customizable project organization.


Employee engagement and company-wide communication have improved drastically.”

ThoughtFarmer vs. Simpplr

See how ThoughtFarmer stacks up as a powerful Simpplr alternative to power your modern workspace.




Easy-to-use UI

Drag-and-drop customization

❌ – Static templates

Templates to get started quickly, or make your own

Custom navigation

Customizable forms and workflows

Permissions and access control by user, role,  and/or group

❌ – Group-based permissions

Fully featured mobile app

❌  – Limited functionality

Personalized home feed for each user

Personalized alerts and notifications

@mentions, group chats, and broadcasts

Company-wide calendar and events

Filterable and searchable employee directory

Turnkey intranet

❌  – Many features are premium add-ons

No additional licenses required

❌ – Requires Salesforce licenses purchased in blocks of 50

24/7 technical support

Dedicated customer service manager

Launch assistance

Google Workspace integration (Docs, Sheets, and more)

Office 365 integration

OneDrive integration

SharePoint Online integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Slack integration


See how G2 compares ThoughtFarmer with other leading intranet vendors

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Rick Engineering
ThoughtFarmer had the right balance between giving us that creative space we needed to do things the way we wanted to, while also giving us tools for success and best practices. The staff are fantastic, every single person I’ve worked with has been phenomenal.”
Jennifer Shenefield
Communications Manager
RICK Engineering

A full-featured, flexible intranet that adapts to your needs

No Salesforce licenses required. No complex third party deployments.

Just a scalable and customizable solution with everything you need right out of the box.

TF Theme

Fully customizable for your unique organization and team

Build your intranet your way. Use our beautiful default layouts to get rolling quickly, or customize the navigation, content organization, and integrations to your exact specifications.

Administer permissions and access on a macro level by user group or a micro level by user or page — key to retaining ownership, control, and security of your most valuable information assets.

Set up custom forms, workflows, data captures, and analytics to streamline your business processes all in the same place. Your intranet becomes the heart of your organization: the place where work, and work life, happen.


TF Workspace

Easy-to-use, flexible content management

Centralize, sort, file, and audit content however works best for your needs. From setting up required reading to automatic archiving, audits, and reviews, you’re always in control of your content — including where to place and move content around your site.

Intuitive search and interaction tools like commenting and polls keep your employees informed, happily engaged, and collaborating together.

Personalized settings for communications like desktop or push notifications, email digests, group messaging tools, and custom alerts let people customize their experience while keeping everyone on the same page.

Foster genuine work relationships with a filterable and searchable employee database, group organization, and news and blogs.

TF Search

Find anything, anywhere, anytime

Employees spend an average of 9.3 hours per week searching for information. That’s almost 25% of the workweek and it’s costing you a lot.

Save frustration and money with everyone finding what they need in ThoughtFarmer. 

ThoughtFarmer makes knowledge management easy by enabling search across your intranet, cloud drives, and external data sources in one place. Quickly find documents, forms, recent news, colleague’s posts, and more. 

In fact, 98% of our customers say ThoughtFarmer enables employees to find information more easily, and 95% say it helps employees feel more connected to each other and the organization.

Plus, with your own dedicated full-featured mobile intranet app for iOS or Android, your entire team can stay connected and productive from anywhere, anytime with secure, one-click authentication.

Expert Support Hero V02

Award-winning support from a team who knows you

We’re proud of our Support Team’s consistent accolades including the Best Support award from G2, and our perfect 5-star Customer Service ratings from Garter Digital Markets.

Every ThoughtFarmer client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager so there’s no waiting for hours or having to explain who you are every time you call. We’re here to help with any issue, big or small, to keep your intranet running smoothly.

We’re also here to ensure you get the intranet of your dreams launched as planned, and on schedule. Your  Customer Success Manager will provide expert support including showing you how to maximize employee adoption.

You can also choose to leverage the decades of expertise of our Professional Services team who will ensure your success from strategy and planning right through to content migration and launch.

Whether you’re creating a brand new intranet or migrating from Simpplr, SharePoint, or another alternative, we’ll get you up and running quickly.

Captera Icon
I love the simplicity, user experience, and features offered in ThoughtFarmer, as well as the ability to administrate without needing a deep IT background.”
Media Production

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! Every ThoughtFarmer client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide expert support in planning your migration and launch. We also offer our expert Professional Services team who are the best in the business—with decades of experience in user experience, content planning, and intranet strategy. We’ll make the process of transferring over to ThoughtFarmer… well, simple.

We offer transparent, simple user-based pricing without hidden fees, implementation charges, or any surprises. And we scale with you at your pace, no blocks of Salesforce licenses required.  

Plans start at $10 USD per user per month with volume discounts for larger organizations and custom, scalable enterprise plans. Check out our full pricing model.

Discounts are available for non-profit and charitable organizations. Please contact us for details.

Sure! Reach out to us so we can book a customized demo for you. You’re also welcome to try it out totally free for 14 days.

Yep! Our team is here to make your work life easier. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help with implementation, including migrating from your existing intranet provider, if you have one. Reach out to one of our intranet experts if you have any questions about the setup process.

No problem. We offer built-in integrations with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Google Workspace, Box, OneDrive, and many other systems. If you need a custom integration, you can develop it yourself using our API and custom cards, or chat with our Professional Services team to build it for you.

We’d love to. Reach out to an intranet expert who’s happy to chat through your needs and find out if ThoughtFarmer is the right solution for you.

Grow together with ThoughtFarmer

Transform the way you work with a modern intranet solution that fosters connection, collaboration, and builds stronger, more successful organizations.