ThoughtFarmer 9

At ThoughtFarmer, our goal is simple and singular: we strive to make work better. How we achieve that goal evolves over time, just as work itself evolves over time. For ThoughtFarmer 9 we focused on the latest evolution of work, the digital workplace. Specifically, we focused on improving the employee experience within the digital workplace.

ThoughtFarmer 9 builds on the enhancements that defined ThoughtFarmer 8.5, and introduces an entirely new suite of tools designed to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and process automation.


ThoughtFarmer FormFlow is our newly minted forms and workflow solution. Built from the ground up to help streamline internal processes, FormFlow automates information capture by allowing users to create a form, customize the design, set up a workflow, and go live, in minutes.

G Suite, Office 365 integrations

Our suite of integrations received a significant upgrade with ThoughtFarmer 9, which now features a deep yet seamless integration to both Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Users can access all of the knowledge and information stored on their cloud drives, directly from their intranet, and be safe in the knowledge that all files and folders will maintain their security permissions.

Enhanced ThoughtFarmer Search+

Courtesy of our newly developed integrations, ThoughtFarmer 9 allows users to search intranet and cloud drives simultaneously, and have results surfaced on a unified results page. Users can also refine their results using the SuperNav and Search Filters that were introduced in ThoughtFarmer 8.

Enhanced Single Sign On

Save staff time and unburden your support team from forgotten or expired password requests using the cloud based authentication service you’re already using. In addition to supporting authentication through every major SAML provider, ThoughtFarmer 9 also supports SSO authentication through G Suite and Office 365.

Move to .Net core

For ThoughtFarmer 9, we moved from using ASP.NET Core on .NET Full Framework, to .NET Core. Not only did this transition afford us significant performance gains, it also makes upgrades and deployments considerably easier, and it deepens the possibilities available through custom code.

New analytics platform

Backend integration for an updated analytics experience launching in Q1 2019. For more information, please visit our Community site.

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