Engaging workspaces for teams.


FormFlow automates data collection and management by bringing your employee forms and processes online.


Tell company stories and connect employees emotionally with video hosted on your intranet.

Page sharing

Don’t lose the context of the conversation. Page sharing allows teams to share content from the intranet and the internet in the same feed.

Shout outs

Empower employees to recognize one another for their outstanding contributions.


A faster way to browse for pages and files.

Cloud drive integrations

Search the content of your intranet and cloud drives simultaneously, and have results surfaced on a unified results page.

ThoughtFarmer Search+

Find the stuff you're actually looking for— whether it’s on your intranet or a cloud drive—with our powerful search infrastructure.

Interactive organization chart

Navigate your organization dynamically, find the right people, and connect with a click.

Image asset management

Add flavour to your content with vibrant, easy-to-find images from recommended galleries.


Intranet software as innovative as your company.

Single Sign On

Save staff time and unburden your support team: Our intranet software supports multiple single sign-on integrations, such as OKTA, Azure AD, Google, and Microsoft.

Dev tools

Your developers will love how easy it is to customize your intranet with custom cards and improved developer tools.

Drag-and-drop templates

Design your own layouts and templates. Point. Click. Drag. Done.


Add feature cards to any page like polls, social feeds, carousels, and more.