Reduce Culture Clash.

M&A is notorious for culture clash and employee turnover issues that destroy company value. Protect your deal with a tool specifically designed for M&A cultural integration. 

Communicate constantly.

Share merger news and successes instantly, 24×7. Available on your laptop, tablet or phone; accessible from the office, home or on-the-go.

Build Relationships with Open Discussions.

Set up an “Ask the CEO” forum to engage employees about the merger. Answer their questions to reduce fear and uncertainty.

Put faces to names.

Automatically generate a merged employee directory that syncs with employee data from both sides of the deal. See who’s who and meet your new, merged firm.

No new passwords.

Our unique Cloud Connector automatically syncs with the networks of the acquirer and target to provide secure single sign-on. That’s one less password to remember.

Up & Running in Days, Not Months.

Combining IT assets of two companies is challenging. ThoughtFarmer makes it easy with cloud hosting, Cloud Single Sign-On, and Cloud User Sync.

What Experts Have to Say

Mergers & Acquisitions

We gave them access to ThoughtFarmer immediately upon merger. It’s their best window into their new company. ‘Who is everybody? Who do I call? How do I get things done?’ It’s the acquired employees who are the heaviest users.”

Ron Ogilvy
Merger Project Manager, Graymont

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Mergers & Acquisitions

There’s a moment at the beginning of a merger when the acquired employees are hungry for information... Giving them access to [ThoughtFarmer] means they can look at whatever they want and feel free to reach out to people. The new staff are excited about what they can gain, what connections they can make, what clinical information they can access.”

Carmen de Antoni
VP Application Delivery & Architecture
Centric Health

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We see huge spikes in the use of digital platforms during times of uncertainty in an organization. That’s a huge opportunity... You have a chance to establish an online site that will be a go-forward way of communicating with staff because you’ve demonstrated from the outset that it’s going to be relevant, useful, timely, and informative.”

James Robertson
Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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Mergers & Acquisitions

The merger site can play a role in helping employees acclimate to the culture, both in terms of finding resources that help them understand how things are done as well as connecting with people to help make the adjustment.”

Shel Holtz
Principal, Holtz Communication + Technology

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More reasons to use ThoughtFarmer M&A Edition
during your merger

  • Virtual clean rooms. Set up secure spaces to share confidential documents
  • Email newsletters. Generate personalized summaries of merger news for each employee.
  • Policies & procedures. Organize, edit and publish new procedures.
  • Executive blogs. For a personal, authentic touch, maintain a CEO blog.
  • Milestone calendars. Share important dates with calendars.
  • Launch in days. Cloud-based, pre-configured.
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White paper: Reducing Culture Clash in M&A

Culture clash damages mergers. Through interviews, case studies and industry research, this white paper explains how social merger software can reduce culture clash in M&A.