Interactive Organization Chart

Find the right people, fast. ThoughtFarmer’s interactive Organization Chart provides a visual overview of the structure of your company, making it easy to find employees anywhere in your organization. Employee cards display photo, title, and contact information so it’s easy to locate the right person, and connect with a click.

Page sharing

Don’t lose the context of the conversation. Page sharing allows teams to share content from the intranet and the internet in the same feed.

Google Drive integration

If you use Google for authoring documents and presentations, ThoughtFarmer allows you to embed Google Docs and Google Drive directly into your intranet, so they are easy to find and access.


Create groups that reflect your organizational structure. Teams, departments, and office locations can interact and stay up-to-date. Empower employees to manage projects and organize special interest groups.

Local news & activity

Communicate with specific groups of employees easily and securely. Define groups based on their location, role, or project, and only send them the news they care about.

Security permissions

Need to keep a document private? Want to send relevant news to a specific group of people? Fine-tuned security permissions let you define view and edit privileges for an entire section, or just a single page or document.


Capture great ideas with dedicated discussion forums. Build a Q&A, an idea incubator, or a best practices forum.


Spread the authoring work with wikis. Have an idea? Share it. See a mistake? Fix it. Democratic authoring eases the administrative burden, while security settings place limits where needed.