Cloud hosting you can trust

Our cloud data centers in Vancouver, Canada and London, England are SSAE16 Certified. Triple-redundant internet connections, hot failover servers, diesel generators and off-site backups are just a few of the steps we’ve taken to ensure that your intranet is never down.

Optional self-hosting for full control

If you prefer to host your own software, ThoughtFarmer can be installed behind your corporate firewall on your own servers. Our expert tech team can perform installations and upgrades remotely, or you can use our self-installers and detailed documentation to do it yourself. If you run into snags, ThoughtFarmer Client Services is just a friendly phone call away.

Protect confidential information

Make sure sensitive data is only accessible by the right people within your organization. Set view and edit permissions at the section, page, and file levels. Pages that users don’t have access to are hidden from navigation, search results, and activity feeds.

Data history from day one

ThoughtFarmer preserves every revision on every page and every version of every file. There’s also a complete audit trail: every action on the intranet is tracked by user, date, and page. This activity log is invaluable for running one-off usage reports or for audit and investigation situations.

Recover deleted data

We make it hard to lose your valuable data. If a user accidentally deletes a page or file, an administrator can easily bring it back with our un-delete feature. Did your self-hosted ThoughtFarmer server experience a catastrophic failure? Recovering your ThoughtFarmer data is as easy as clicking Restore on a SQL backup.

Optional location-based security

Location-based security cares about where you are rather than who you are. Prevent unlawful export of information or unauthorized external access by applying our location-based IP filtering to all or part of your intranet. Combine it with user- and role-based security to keep your confidential information extra-safe.