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You'll face plenty of challenges when launching a new social intranet. Use the resources here to smooth the road, get helpful ideas and achieve successful adoption. Go be an intranet superstar!

Reading list

Getting started

What is an intranet?
Read up on this simple and straightforward definition of “intranet” which skips the technobabble and wordy definitions.

What is a social intranet?
Read the definitive explanation of “social intranet,” written in plain English, and ignore the hype and marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Planning & building

Communicating your intranet requirements
Skip the 100-page list of feature requirements and use this simple, human approach to requirements based on real-world use-cases.

Hiring an intranet manager
Great intranets start with great intranet managers. Start your hunt for the perfect person with these sample job descriptions.

Engagement & adoption

15 ways to engage users in building an intranet
Use these concrete tips to engage, excite and build shared ownership amongst your users. You’ll also end up with a better intranet.

9 tips for a successful social intranet pilot
Use these ideas, culled from real-world experiences, to guide your social intranet pilot. A good pilot leads to a good launch.

Theory & practice: How to encourage usage in your organization
Understand the psychological theory behind social intranet user adoption and read about fascinating real-world examples.

Intranet governance

How to transition your intranet project to an intranet program
The value of your intranet grows over time, provided you take the right steps towards continuous improvement.

4 simple questions for governing collaborative content
Before user-generated content grows out of control create a grounded approach for managing group pages.

Watch and learn

Upcoming Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Introducing ThoughtFarmer 8.5 Sangria!
Add flavor to your intranet — introducing ThoughtFarmer 8.5 Sangria! ThoughtFarmer 8.5 helps your employees take charge of their productivity. We’ve enriched the platform with a cocktail of features that make it easier for employees to find the people and…

Most popular webinar recordings

Remarkable Intranet Adoption at Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU)
In this 8-minute webinar recap, see inside ACU’s intranet, while they tell you how they have achieved remarkable results — including 93% of employees using their intranet every day.

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