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Intranet Use Cases

Have you ever uncovered a technology solution you were passionate about implementing, but your colleagues didn’t share the same enthusiasm? This is likely because they weren’t presented a distinct scenario of how this solution could specifically benefit them.

In other words, they weren’t presented with a use case.

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First things first: what is an intranet use case?

In short, a use is the simplest possible requirement specification to capture how an end user will interact with a solution to achieve their desired end goal. It’s a document that outlines a tool’s functionality in the context of user actions; it’s basically saying, “If a user needs this, the software helps them do that.”

Use cases focus on the users of the system, rather than the system itself, and can go a long way in helping you push forward a business case for intranet software.

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to understanding your intranet users, and what motivates them

  • What use cases are and why you need them
  • When to use use cases
  • How to determine your use case requirements
  • Sample use cases

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