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Intranet RFP

Have you been tasked with creating an RFP for a new intranet? Are you lost at what features and functionality you need in a new intranet?  Are you struggling (and Googling!) any assistance that will make this process easier? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone did all the work for you and just made a template? Surprise! We did.

RFP Template, deconstructed

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Intranet RFP, ThoughtFarmer

Excerpt from Whitepaper

“Creating an RFP can feel like an overwhelming and time-consuming effort, however it can also be rewarding, as it allows you to uncover the details you need to make an informed decision about a potential solution. If you are considering a new intranet, and have been tasked with creating an RFP, we’re here to make this process easier with an intranet RFP template.

Our template helps you identify the scope of work and project timelines, and avoids headaches of a poorly written RFP (repeated questions, missed questions, buyers not aligned etc.). We hope this guide assists you in identifying key features, functionality, and areas of differentiation among potential intranet vendors.”

What you’ll learn

Our RFP template makes it easy for you to compare intranet vendors and find the right intranet platform for your organization. It also helps you identify and prioritize the exact features and functions you need.

Recommended sections

We will help you identify some of the most common sections typically included in an intranet RFP, including pricing, timelines, technical requirements and use cases.

Required features

We list over 100 different features that are worth including in your RFP. Everything from admin features, to search and navigation, to analytics.

Suggested copy

Brand new to RFPs? We’ll provide suggested copy to include in each section of the RFP, saving you time and effort.

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Want to see more features your employees will actually love?
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