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Intranet Software for Law Firms

ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software connects your employees, whether on-site or remote, with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

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Why law firms love ThoughtFarmer

Build a vibrant innovation hub

Foster ideas, collaborate, and learn fast! As an innovation hub, your intranet can serve as a collaborative platform that makes information easily discoverable and shareable. 

Find time-sensitive

We understand legal precedents evolve, and information changes. This is why it’s critical to ensure employees have access to up-to-date data, and are alerted when information changes.

Protect your data with
industry-leading security

Whether you choose self-hosted or cloud, you can be confident that your data is safe with security practices designed to defend against the highest levels of threats.

Connect remote and hybrid employees

Our law firm intranet solution connects dispersed and remote employees, and gives them quick and direct access to critical knowledge no matter where they are. 

Collaborate and brainstorm in real-time

Collaboration spaces allow users to brainstorm, share insights, and jointly work together. Easier collaboration also means reduced email volume, while instilling a true partnership atmosphere.  

Quickly uncover information

Every organization strives to be productive, but when your productivity is billable, it’s a whole different level. We ensure your employees can find the information they are looking for at a fast pace. 

ThoughtFarmer integrates with the tools that help your business run

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ThoughtFarmer integrates with the tools that help your business run

ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software comes with pre-built integrations to industry leading authentication, file management, and banking systems such as Google Drive, Office 365, Box, Sharepoint, Okta, and Silvercloud.

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Features Law Firms love

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Mobile app
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Allow employees the ability to work from anywhere and any time.

Online form builder
TF Law Forms

Build and manage online forms from within your intranet.

Presence indicator
TF Law Presence Indicator

A presence indicator helps employees understand who is available, busy, or away.

Advanced search
TF Law Search

Find what you need, when you need it, from anywhere on your law firm intranet.

Virtual seating chart
TF Law Floorplan

Find the exact location of where every on-site employee sits.

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The complete collection of intranet resources for law firms

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The complete collection of intranet resources for law firms

Cut research time in half! Download all the information you need, from planning to launching an intranet, in one bundle. Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 law firm case study: Lenczner Slaght
  • Template: How to Conduct an Intranet Strategy Workshop
  • Why law firms are rapidly adopting intranets
  • 6 Inspiring Intranet examples
  • Knowledge management: what it is and why it matters
  • Intranet Buyers Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need support or help?

    We’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure your law firm intranet is planned, installed, branded, and functioning flawlessly within an agreed-upon amount of time, usually 8 – 12 weeks. Aside from our tutorials, there is also 24 x 7 access to the ThoughtFarmer HelpDesk, you will also get a dedicated customer success person.

  • Does ThoughtFarmer help with new employee onboarding?

    Yes, ThoughtFarmer can significantly shorten the time it takes to onboard a new employee. Typically, our Law Firm clients:

    i. Store the new employee curriculum, documents, policies, incl. role-specific onboarding content
    ii. Setup discussion forums where new employees can introduced themselves and ask questions
    iii. Make HR content and collateral instantly and easily accessible
    iv. Store a collection of “I’m new here” style FAQs
    v. Upload training videos

  • Can individual business units or departments manage and / or view their own content?

    Yes. You can assign your own permission levels to determine what information can be viewed by who. Click here for more information on security and permission settings.

  • Does ThoughtFarmer have a robust Search feature?

    Yes. In fact, our law firm intranet makes finding content super simple. Full document indexing makes text-based files — pages, documents etc — fully searchable from the moment they’re uploaded, while the ability to add tags and metadata improves the findability of image based content.

  • Will ThoughtFarmer help improve internal communication?

    Absolutely. ThoughtFarmer’s law firm intranet makes all types of internal communication (top-down, bottom-up, lateral etc.) easier through our groups feature, which allows you to create dedicated workspaces for teams and/or projects, where employees can manage and share content, documents, ideas, and feedback.

  • Can we host on-premise or do we have to host in the cloud?

    You can do either! We offer both on-premise and cloud hosting options. Both options have a similar feature set, both work with Active Directory, both allow secure remote access, and both offer 3rd party SAML authentications.

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