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IT Buyers Guide

Intranet software has evolved, a lot. Nobody knows that more than IT professionals. This workbook was created specifically for those that work in the IT space who want to ensure their intranet is safe, secure, and compliant.

You can’t spell Intranet without IT.

As an IT professional you may have a variety of reasons for pursuing a new intranet. For example, it may be the frustration of repeatedly handling many small requests, like updating pages or restoring content that was accidentally deleted, in which case you’ll want an intranet that allows users to manage these tasks themselves. Alternatively, you may be facing feedback on design or mobile app support, in which case a more modern platform will be desired.

IT Buyers Guide LP Hero

What you’ll learn

This easy-to-read guide leads you through the 12 key steps that are critical to the evaluation and purchase process.
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