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Intranet RFP

Have you been tasked with creating an RFP for a new intranet? Are you lost at what features and functionality you need in a new intranet? Are you struggling to find any information or assistance that will make this process easier?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone did all the work for you and just made a template? Surprise! We did.
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RFP Template RFP Template Inside Spread

The quickstart guide to Intranet RFPs

Searching for a new intranet or planning to upgrade your current one? Our user-friendly RFP template will simplify your search. From outlining project scope and timelines, to defining key features and assessing vendors, this guide will make a this critical step enjoyable, straightforward, and rewarding!

You’ll learn:
  • How to identify essential intranet RFP sections such as pricing and technical requirements.
  • Over 100 key intranet features to include in your RFP, from admin to analytics.
  • Ready-to-use RFP copy, saving time and effort for beginners.