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Building an Intranet Business Case

So you have begun the journey of acquiring an intranet. You have done the research, and perhaps even identified your preferred intranet software vendor. Now the real challenge comes in: getting stakeholder approval!

Securing stakeholder approval for an intranet can be a long and frustrating process.

How do you determine who needs to be involved? How do you ensure you are identifying all the necessary pain points? How do you present this information in a way that will appeal to all your decision makers?

Good news—we’ve done the work for you. Well, almost. From the early stages to the final presentation, this guide will walk you through every step necessary to give your intranet project the best chance for success.

Building A Business Case LP Hero

What you’ll learn

You will learn the concepts and ideas, tips and tricks to help you build a winning business case for your intranet project. We’ve even included a presentation template! Just download, personalize with your company logo, and you’ll be ready to go.
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