Time for a PR Firm?


For a couple of years we’ve been wondering whether we should get a PR firm.

Our first and only working experience with a PR firm was with Capulet Communications. They’re not a PR firm, really — they’re a social media marketing firm. About a year-and-a-half ago they ran a fantastic blogger relations campaign for us which tripled our site traffic, got us written up on ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch and became a case study in their new book, Friends With Benefits.

friends with benefits book cover

ThoughtFarmer’s Tubetastic campaign is featured in Capulet Communication’s new book, “Friends With Benefits”

We’ve tried to work with Capulet again, but they’ve become very busy and you have to book them 4 months in advance, which is an eternity in internet time.

Last year we had great conversations with two other PR firms who seemed like a perfect fit, but apparently were big on ideas, not execution. When it came time to deliver a proposal, they promised it for “next week”. Then the next week, they said, “Next week.” We prodded several times and reiterated our interest, but eventually gave up on both of them. If you can’t deliver a proposal promptly, I sure wouldn’t want to have you on retainer.

So we’ve plodded along doing our own marketing. It’s not extensive. We blog, we tweet, we show up at conferences in our t-shirts. We send a newsletter a few times a year. But as we rack up more and more clients, we realize that ThoughtFarmer has tremendous untapped potential.

We’re back searching for a PR firm again. We received a great proposal from Young & Associates last week, which looks promising. As I mentioned, I’m pretty impressed when people can not only talk big but can actually deliver a proposal! Then this morning, our friends over at Dachis Group recommended Josh Dilworth. I pinged him, and he responded in 15 minutes with this:

…As for more about us, we kind of fall into the “spaghetti on the the wall”, risk tolerant bucket — we’re not precious and we like to experiment and push boundaries — we’re very untraditional, we’re smarter and more geeky than other PR people, and we do a lot more than just “PR” as well — but I can of course explain more later. We think we’re building the agency of the future….

…which is laser-focused on a specific business opportunity and market segment, one in which it can be truly expert. We think that the agency of the future chooses clients very carefully, based on ethical factors as much as financial ones. We think that the agency of the future is data-driven, and analytical to the core.

We think that the agency of the future is also noticeably absent the jargon and posturing you’ve come to expect from marketing-kind — it is also far more show than tell. It is relationship-based and people-driven. And the agency of the future is definitely not scalable…

I have no idea whether we’ll wind up working with this guy or not, but man, we’re off to a good start here. This is the kind of authentic talk that gets me excited. And I guess that’s why I’m blogging about it. To be authentic and transparent. ThoughtFarmer is on the cusp of something very, very big. I can’t wait to see what’s next. And maybe the right PR firm can help get us there.


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  1. Josh Jones-Dilworth

    OMG embarrassing + flattering. Thanks for the kind words, sir. We really do appreciate it.


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