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IT Buyers Guide to intranet software

Trying to select a new intranet? This easy-to-read guide leads you through the 12 key steps that are critical to the evaluation and purchase process.

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You can’t spell intranet without IT.

Intranet software has grown a lot in the last 20 years. While once requiring heavy software development, systems administration, and technical support, today, cloud-based intranet software can be set up, launched and supported with significantly less technical skills.

However, IT professionals still play an enormous role in the purchasing process of intranet software. 

Our new IT Buyers Guide guide is for IT professionals and digital workplace managers who want to ensure their intranet is safe, secure, and compliant. Download it today and learn how to:

  • Establish intranet objectives
  • Determine your use cases
  • Identify the features you need
  • Determine whether you want to build or buy
  • Conduct stakeholder demos and meetings