New Intranet Case Study: Building Employee Relationships at Cannondale Sports Unlimited

CSU case studyA complex corporate structure can pose big challenges for communication. How do you get people chatting and collaborating when they’re not in the same office, the same country, or even the same brand?

Cannondale Sports Unlimited (CSU) is made up of various cycling and sports apparel brands acquired by its parent company. Several separate intranets meant that CSU was dealing with virtual barriers to connection in addition to the physical ones.

Cannondale's ThoughtFarmer Intranet

The Challenge

The 2000+ employees of CSU had a hard time finding the right people to talk to. They were spread out across 10+ brands that all operated differently, in 16 locations around the globe. CSU wanted a site that would bring attention to the company’s people and activities so they could work together better. They also wanted an intranet provider that fit with their young, fast-paced culture.

The Results

Thanks to a single social intranet from ThoughtFarmer, the CSU world has gotten a lot smaller. Employees now have organizational charts, profiles, and news feeds to help them get to know each other. They’re sharing updates about their work and their lives that add to the sense of camaraderie and cooperation throughout CSU. While their offices are still segregated, their online space has become so well known for bringing people together that it has been affectionately nicknamed CSU Mingle.

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