Yegee Chun

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager at ThoughtFarmer, Yegee gets to do one of the things she loves — talking to people to help them understand and solve their problems. Having worked with customers in a range of industries from hospitality to cybersecurity, she is dedicated to approaching relationships with authenticity, developing a deep understanding of ThoughtFarmer customers, and enabling customers to achieve success.

Yegee obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UBC and lived in Hong Kong for a year before returning to Vancouver to enter the tech field. She is glad to be part of such an exciting industry and is always eager to share new technology to help the clients she works with.

Though she grew up mostly in Vancouver, Yegee has lived in several different countries, which nurtured her passion for traveling. In her spare time, Yegee enjoys running, scenic picnics around Vancouver, and film photography.