Wil Arndt

Creative Director

As Creative Director of ThoughtFarmer, Wil drives the visual and interactive design efforts. He truly believes that employee-facing software can be equally as beautiful, engaging, and enjoyable to use as consumer software. Wil works closely with the development team to propel ThoughtFarmer to the next level of communication and collaboration tools, while finding new ways to help clients' enhance their brand internally.

With over 20 years of design experience, Wil’s work has been honoured with some 150 industry and design awards and numerous accolades in the media. As former principal of a leading Vancouver digital agency, Wil pioneered the product development of a gaming platform and several mobile games and apps. He also helped numerous clients develop their digital brand, including The Food Network, BC Dairy Association, Electronic Arts, and CBC.

When not spending time with his wife and two children or challenging his team to create great design at ThoughtFarmer, Wil tries to dabble in amateur astronomy photography, pounding his drums into splinters, and writing cheesy science fiction novels.