Siddharth Shettigar

Technical Support Manager

Siddharth is part of the team setting a new standard for tech support. He provides technical assistance to our clients when they need us most and maintains our outstanding 99% client support satisfaction rating. When our clients have a problem they’ll hear his friendly voice explaining how he’s working to solve whatever problem they’re having.

Siddharth came to ThoughtFarmer from New York City where he worked as a Network Analyst at Nomura Securities. With a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the NYU School of Engineering, Siddharth has a deep understanding of the basic plumbing that makes the internet tick. While studying hard he took time out of his busy schedule to help manage school programs run by the Center for K12 STEM Education.

When he’s not talking to clients, Siddharth loves riding his shiny new bike around Vancouver and cooking big meals for friends because he’s just that kind of guy.