Miguel Tena

Cloud Operations Director

As Cloud Operations Director, Miguel is responsible for end-to-end ownership of our cloud environment, overseeing its performance, scalability, and security. Miguel leads a team of talented site reliability engineers and software support specialists and strives to be a leader and mentor that can help remove blockers and empower the team to challenge themselves and bring their best talents and skills.

Miguel has been immersed in the digital workplace and collaboration technology space for over 15 years, enabling people and organizations to work better together and solve complex problems with creative technology solutions.  

As a former ThoughtFarmer administrator, he is intimately familiar with its features and technology stack.  In his new role, he is thrilled to be part of the team as the platform evolves and is optimized to provide our clients with an increasingly fast, easy-to-use, and reliable intranet solution.

In his spare time, Miguel enjoys time with his family, going to the movies, alternative and progressive music, building or creating new things like RC cars, and playing with the latest hardware and software solutions.