Ertac Toker

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at ThoughtFarmer, Ertac works with his team to design and develop new features and releases for ThoughtFarmer across the full stack of application layers. He approaches software development by conducting research and gathering evidence around the problem until he arrives at the best solution. This comprehensive methodology is instrumental as he participates in decision-making on overall product strategy and assists the support team in troubleshooting technical issues.

Ertac completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics before earning a Master’s in Information Technology. He has ample experience in .NET as well as front-end development. Before joining ThoughtFarmer, Ertac worked in the finance industry as a programmer. He focused on building process automation software and helped develop an online rewards redemption platform for some of North America’s largest retailers.

Outside of work, Ertac enjoys travelling and spending time outdoors. He likes to think of himself as a nature-photographer in training (watch out National Geographic). When the weather isn’t cooperating (which is most of the time in Vancouver), he stays inside to read about the latest technologies and methodologies in software development.