Darren Gibbons


Darren Gibbons is the co-creator of ThoughtFarmer and the President of OXD, since its inception in 1995. His hands-on approach has helped organizations like the British Columbia Supreme Court, Intrawest Corporation, and the Workers Compensation Board achieve success with innovative and powerful web applications.  Darren is deeply involved in every feature developed for ThoughtFarmer and his creativity and attention to detail are evident in the finished product.

Darren majored in Applied Physics at Simon Fraser University. He has been a guest speaker on topics ranging from Java to network security, and is co-author of a book on JavaBeans 1.1, published by McGraw-Hill.  In his spare time, Darren amuses the rest of the ThoughtFarmer crew by digging up and posting obscure YouTube videos to our own ThoughtFarmer intranet.