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ThoughtFarmer company description

ThoughtFarmer’s modern intranet software streamlines knowledge sharing, facilitates information flow, and fosters a sense of connectivity among employees, even when working in remote or dispersed settings. This Vancouver-based company is profitable and growing with over 15 years experience providing innovative solutions to organizations worldwide. Their high customer success ratings are attributed to their focus on usability, customization, and client care, as well as their deep industry-leading expertise in intranet best practices.


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Looking for examples of internal communication, collaboration, and community for your next presentation, webinar, or article? Contact us and we can send you a case study deck with 15 best practice intranet examples.


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G2 names ThoughtFarmer easiest to use intranet

G2’s Summer 2022 Reports are out, and ThoughtFarmer has once again been named a High Performer within the intranet category, bring our total number of appearances within that category to over 25!