Recorded Webinar: 10 Key Steps to a New Intranet Solution

new intranet

Are you trying replace your old, barely used intranet? Want a fresh, engaging, collaborative intranet?

Get expert advice on building requirements, evaluating vendors, and procuring a new intranet solution. We’ve condensed 10 years of experience and hundreds of intranet installs into a concise, easy-to-follow 10-step process.

This webinar will help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I align intranet objectives with business goals?
  • How do I write intranet requirements that will deliver on my objectives?
  • How do I evaluate different intranet vendors and ensure their product matches my needs?

This webinar is a companion piece to our Intranet Buyers Workbook. We recommend downloading and reviewing the guide prior to attending the webinar. Whether you ultimately decide to get ThoughtFarmer or another intranet solution, this webinar will make sure you have the right foundation for selecting and implementing a successful intranet solution.

Watch the recording