ThoughtFarmer 4.0: Social Intranet, meet document management

ThoughtFarmer 4.0 is out! With a host of new document management capabilities, the best social intranet software is more powerful than ever.

An end to emailing attachments

No more downloading, uploading or emailing files around -- the ThoughtFarmer Desktop Connector lets you edit any file directly from your intranet. Collaboratively edit proposals, contracts, budgets, drawings and images - any kind of document. Full revision history is maintained. Read more.

SharePoint Intranet Connector

Get robust document management capabilities within ThoughtFarmer via our SharePoint Intranet Connector, which works with any version of SharePoint 2010 -- even the free one! Build a complete Social Intranet with full document management at a fraction of the cost of a custom SharePoint implementation.  Read more.

Convert Word to perfect web pages

Cutting & pasting from Word into a web page used to yield unpredictable results. ThoughtFarmer 4.0 contains special Word processing capabilities that transform complex Word documents into perfect web pages, complete with images, tables, bullets and fonts. Read more.

Introducing IntranetStatistics - the first analytics package designed for Intranets

Sure, you could use Google Analytics to track usage of your intranet, but it's optimized for public websites, not intranets.  Introducing Intranet Statistics - the first analytics package designed for Intranets.  Based on the open-source statistics package Piwik, Intranet Statistics has built in support for ThoughtFarmer.  Host it yourself on your own server, or use our hosted service at no additional cost for all ThoughtFarmer customers using version 4.0.  Read more.

A new API

Want to integrate your existing business applications with ThoughtFarmer?  Write a tool to automatically import data from another system?  Publish information managed in ThoughtFarmer to your public website?   The new ThoughtFarmer REST API replaces the previous SOAP API and provides the tools necessary to meet your data publishing needs.

And much more!

Version 4.0 includes many more enhancements that make working with ThoughtFarmer even more enjoyable:

  • High quality PDF export of pages.  The quality and speed of PDF output has been greatly improved over previous releases
  • Usability improvements to attachment landing pages and search results.  It now takes fewer clicks to perform regular tasks like replacing an attachment, changing the description and viewing previous versions of a document.
  • Performance improvements throughout the application, especially for blog display and recent activity