ThoughtFarmer 3.7: New features just for IT managers

Intranet administrators and IT managers will love the new features in ThoughtFarmer 3.7. It opens up new deployment options, introduces Active Directory password management, improves cut & paste from Word, and includes several other useful enhancements.

Elegant access from home with multi-mode authentication

Sign in screen
Forms-based authentication with "Stay signed in"

By default, ThoughtFarmer uses Windows Integrated Authentication, which enables elegant single sign-on from computers connected to the network.

For off-network computers, such as home or traveling users, ThoughtFarmer now supports forms-based authentication with "Stay signed in" functionality*.

Sign out option
When logged in via forms authentication, ThoughtFarmer displays your name and a "Sign out" option

In seconds, administrators can configure different modes of authentication for different domains from the Authentication administration screen.

[screenshot] Authentication Types administration screen
Configure authentication methods in seconds from the administration panel
Other related features include:

  • Templatable sign in screen
  • Auto sign-out after a predetermined length of time
  • Ability to configure a list of domains to attempt authentication against

*To access from the internet, ThoughtFarmer web server must be located in DMZ or other internet-accessible network region.

Change your Active Directory password via ThoughtFarmer

Have you ever needed to change your Windows AD password while you were away from the office? It's a major pain for people who are often off-network or who use Macs. ThoughtFarmer 3.7 warns you of expiring AD passwords and lets you change them -- wherever you are, and whatever platform you're on.

[screenshot] Change password
Change your Windows network password directly from ThoughtFarmer

Cut & paste from Word with confidence

ThoughtFarmer 3.7 includes an upgraded rich text editor with improved cut & paste from Word. Lists, tables and font styles all transfer more effectively than ever.

Improved cut & paste from Word
Cut & paste from Word is better than ever in ThoughtFarmer 3.7

Upload multiple files at once

ThoughtFarmer 3.7 includes a new file browser that lets you select and upload multiple files at once -- either to insert into the rich text editor or to attach to a page.

Browse by system-generated filters

ThoughtFarmer 3.6 introduced the ability to refine your search by filters. ThoughtFarmer 3.7 introduces a dedicated browse filters screen.

This method of finding content is extremely useful, especially when you are unsure of the name or content of a page. For example, if you need to find a meeting agenda that a coworker created, select their name from "Edited By" and select the timeframe from "Posted Date".

Browse by system-generated filter
Select "browse" to narrow down by system-generated filters

Comments in email notifications

ThoughtFarmer's email notifications are useful signals that keep pages current and keep discussions moving. Comment text is now included in emails, so you can follow a discussion entirely via email.

If comment security is an issue, administrators can turn this feature off. And as always, you can opt out of email notifications.

Comment text included in email notifications
Comment text is now included in email notifications (optional; can be turned off by administrators)

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