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[VIDEO] How to organize your intranet content to enhance productivity
Fraud in the Workplace
Did you know that 75% of employees have stolen from their company at least once? From data theft to inflated expense claims, and even failure to record vacation or sick leave, workplace fraud occurs in a variety of ways and can be costly to an organization’s bottom line, reputation, and morale. The good news is that by taking a proactive approach and using internal technologies such as your intranet, workplace fraud can be prevented. On March 16th, Risk and Forensic Expert Caroline Dixon joined us for a special Fraud Prevention Month webinar to discuss key drivers for workplace fraud, indicators to watch out for, and how your intranet can be used as a powerful fraud prevention tool.
ThoughtFarmer FormFlow
Create custom forms that capture data with an approval process or share structured data on your intranet quickly and easily.
Customizing your ThoughtFarmer Intranet
See some real-world examples and find out how you can customize your ThoughtFarmer intranet.
How to create an effective intranet strategy
Learn from ThoughtFarmer VP Gordon Ross how to run a intranet strategy workshop.
Best Intranet Awards 2015
Are you looking for some inspiration to make your intranet better looking, more innovative, or more collaborative?
5 steps to measure the success of your intranet
Measuring an intranet's success can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Watch this webinar to learn the easiest way to measure the success of your intranet.
Intranet project planning 101
The 'what' the 'who' and the 'when' of your intranet, and a few mistakes to avoid.
Simple and secure user management
How to ensure simple and secure user management through ThoughtFarmer's employee directory connector.
Case Study | Intranet tour: INSURICA
Take a live tour of INSURICA's ThoughtFarmer intranet.
Branding your intranet
Make your intranet look and feel like you. Inspiring examples and best practices for branding your internal website.
Best Intranet Awards 2014
See examples from ThoughtFarmer client intranets and our 2014 winners for Best Collaboration, Most Innovative, and Best Looking.
Case Study | Intranet tour: Assiniboine Credit Union
Take a tour of Assiniboine's intranet, and how they leverage ThoughtFarmer to increase engagement and employee communication.
Case Study | Assiniboine Credit Union
A discussion with Assiniboine Credit Union, and how they leverage ThoughtFarmer to increase engagement and employee communication.
Intranet spring cleaning part II: (re)introduce your intranet content guide
Too much content? Learn how to reduce your intranet content clutter.
Networking, politics, and power
If we have an improved understanding of power inside our organizations, and how it flows through the organizational network, we can become more effective in our jobs as intranet managers, communications professionals, HR employees, and IT staff.
Intranet spring cleaning part I: prune your intranet
Too much content on your intranet? Learn how to reduce your intranet content clutter.
Get the most out of ThoughtFarmer intranet statistics
Using intranet statistics—how do you measure the success of your intranet software? This is something that has been included since ThoughtFarmer 4.0, but some people are still unsure how to use intranet analytics.
Intranet task testing how-to guide
In this webinar, learn how to implement intranet Task Testing. This webinar is a follow up to ThoughtFarmer's webinar on intranet card sorting, both of which are part of ThoughtFarmer's Intranet Information Architecture webinar series.
How to revamp your HR content to be employee friendly
The purpose of this webinar is to learn a lightweight technique for improving HR intranet content. Learn how to make HR content user-friendly, and help your employees find answers.
Rebranding your intranet using the ThoughtFarmer skinning console
ThoughtFarmer's co-founder, Chris McGrath, demonstrates how quick and easy it is to rebrand your intranet. He also showcases intranet examples, and gives ideas around intranet branding.
Intro to card sorting with Selma Zafar
This webinar covers intranet information architecture, with a focus on card sorting.
Intro to task testing with Selma Zafar
Looking to make your intranet architecture better? Learn how task-testing can help.
Moving business processes to the intranet
An intranet isn’t just a place for reading things, it’s also a place for doing things. Learn how a variety of business processes can be moved to your intranet.
Mobile intranets context of use
ThoughtFarmer's Lead Usability Expert, Selma Zafar, presents on mobile intranets and designing for context of use.
User adoption for social intranets
ThoughtFarmer VP Strategy Gordon Ross presents a webinar on social intranets and user adoption.
Understanding intranet adoption challenges and techniques
Understanding what adoption is, the theory behind it, some associated challenges, and some fundamental concepts to apply into your organization to improve it.
Managing remote teams with Dr. Kent Glenzer
Learn practical and honest rules of thumb for managing globally dispersed teams including real-world examples of how teams can use social intranet features to collaborate effectively.
The science linking intranets to happiness
In this webinar hear as Andy Jankowski, Founder of Enterprise Strategies and Global Director of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), combines current Positive Psychology research with his many years of experience working with intranets to explore the link between intranets and employee happiness.
Overcoming executives’ fears about social intranets
In this video, Deane Barker, Content Management Practice Director at Blend Interactive, discusses overcoming the fear: what C-level execs are afraid of when it comes to social intranets.
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