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Thoughtfarmer Engagement And Adaptation
Fraud in the Workplace
Did you know that 75% of employees have stolen from their company at least once? From data theft to inflated expense claims, and even failure to record vacation or sick leave, workplace fraud occurs in a variety of ways and can be costly to an organization’s bottom line, reputation, and morale. The good news is that by taking a proactive approach and using internal technologies such as your intranet, workplace fraud can be prevented. On March 16th, Risk and Forensic Expert Caroline Dixon joined us for a special Fraud Prevention Month webinar to discuss key drivers for workplace fraud, indicators to watch out for, and how your intranet can be used as a powerful fraud prevention tool.
ThoughtFarmer FormFlow
FormFlow is an add-on for ThoughtFarmer that helps streamline your processes, boost your efficiency, and allow you to accomplish more, faster. Create custom forms that capture data with an approval process or share structured data on your intranet quickly and easily.
Empowering your Digital Workplace with Google Workspace
Empowering your Digital Workplace with Office 365
How to organize your intranet content to enhance productivity
For your intranet to succeed, content must be well organized, well structured, and intuitively labeled. In other words, your intranet needs good Information Architecture (IA). Experts from Optimal Workshop and ThoughtFarmer share the secrets to achieving a superior IA.
ThoughtFarmer Intranet Analytics
How is your intranet performing? If you don’t know the answer, this webinar will show you how to measure your intranet’s success.
Six Inspiring Intranets
Six of the most creative, clever and inspiring intranets that ThoughtFarmer customers have created
Intranet Use Cases
Understanding your potential intranets users, and what motivates them.
Webinar: Ten Steps for a Successful Intranet Launch
Securing an intranet is a victory in itself, but it’s really only half the battle. Join us for a 30 minute webinar where we will discuss everything you need to ensure the best outcome for your new intranet.
Optimizing Internal Communications
What we learned from analyzing 80 high-performing intranets. To get the most out of your intranet you need access to data and analytics. But even more important, you need to understand what this data means, and what it really reveals about your internal communications and employee engagement.
Actionable steps to a diverse and inclusive workplace
Diversity and inclusion is rapidly becoming a high priority in workplaces around the world, yet many of us are still struggling with how to get it right.
Building an Intranet Business Case
Join us as we walk you through the key steps involved in crafting a winning business case to get your new intranet project approved.
Leading and laughing in turbulent times
‘Humor in the workplace’ expert Mike Kerr, chats about how a little humor can go a long way in improving our mood and keeping us connected and engaged.
ThoughtFarmer Mobile App
Join our Product and CS team they take a deep dive into our new mobile app! The app brings the complete ThoughtFarmer experience to your smartphone, and includes a host of unique features like push notifications, persistent login, and a mobile-optimized people directory.
Extreme Makeover: Intranet Edition
Join Wil Arndt, Creative Director at ThoughtFarmer, as he breaks down our intranet redesign journey, and how we ended up with an incredible platform that employees use to collaborate, engage, and improve productivity.
ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2021
The ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards were created to reward the brilliance of great intranets. Often overlooked internally, we know first hand that amazing intranets don’t just happen overnight. We recognize success on varying levels, so we have three categories to choose from: Innovation, Design, and Impact. There's also a 'People's Choice Award' where ThoughtFarmer clients vote on their favourite submission.
ThoughtFarmer 10.2
Our latest release includes two key updates: the first relates to a reimagined notifications experience, while the second update relates to how cloud drive integrations work within the ThoughtFarmer mobile app.
Intranet project planning 101
The 'what' the 'who' and the 'when' of your intranet, and a few mistakes to avoid.
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