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Security settings
How to define view and edit permissions for your ThoughtFarmer content.
Public and private pages
Every time you create a page or edit a page that you own, you have the option of publishing it as public or private.
Replace a file
Why should you replace a file instead of just deleting the old one and uploading a new one? In ThoughtFarmer, you can replace and revert files. Replace instead of Delete, and your coworkers will be able to access current files with just a click.
Tags and the expertise locator
Tags and expertise location make it easy to find the information and the people that you need to do your job.
Insert links
When you're reading an article online, and it references another page that you want to see, it's really handy to be able to click a link and go directly to that information.
Insert images
Images spice up the look of your intranet pages. This video shows you how to add them to a page in ThoughtFarmer.
Build an intranet site navigation (IA)
This brief video shows how easy it is to build your intranet navigation using ThoughtFarmer social intranet software.
Drag and drop file upload
To add files to a page on your ThoughtFarmer intranet, just drag them over and drop. They automatically upload, and are added to the page.
Use the share bar
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the share bar; the grey bar found on most intranet pages, just below the page title.
Archive a page in ThoughtFarmer 6
As your intranet grows, certain content might get out of date. Watch this tutorial to learn how to archive your intranet content.
Duplicate a page in ThoughtFarmer 6
Duplicating a page is really useful if you've been creating similar pages repeatedly, or copying and pasting intranet content to create new pages.
How to use Wufoo forms
How to enable Wufoo integration and forms in ThoughtFarmer.
Use the application toolbar
Learn how to use the features of the application toolbar. From any page, it allows easy access to your homepage, profile page, files you have open for editing, and notifications.
How to add and manage files
Uploading files to your ThoughtFarmer intranet is quick and easy. You can use various sort options for reordering files and attach as many files to a page as you need to.
Shared calendars in ThoughtFarmer 7
Create a centralized place for all your important office events that you can view at a glance.
Repeating events in ThoughtFarmer 7
Never miss another meeting by scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly repeating events in ThoughtFarmer calendars.
Add and edit event types in ThoughtFarmer 7
Administrators can customize ThoughtFarmer calendar event types to meet business needs.
Use event types in calendars in ThoughtFarmer 7
Learn how to use ThoughtFarmer calendar event types to size up your calendars at a glance.
Homepage news carousel
Capture viewer's attention and increase employee engagement by adding visually stunning news posts in the carousel on your ThoughtFarmer homepage.
Intro to templates in ThoughtFarmer 8
Templates help differentiate pages in your intranet. Watch this tutorial and experiment with the templates available on your intranet for easy creation of unique intranet pages.
All about news
Learn how to create a new post on your intranet and how to get that post to display on other pages.
Set up your homepage in ThoughtFarmer 8
It doesn’t take long to create an engaging, informative, and interactive internet home page.
Add video to intranet pages
How to embed a video on an internet page and have it display in a news carousel.
Intro to ThoughtFarmer
A brief overview of ThoughtFarmer—from accessing pages and managing alerts, to creating content, managing files, and customizing pages.
Security settings in ThoughtFarmer
Could have a short summary of what the video content includes.
Find information fast with the new SuperNav
How to find information quickly through ThoughtFarmer SuperNav, the navigation card on the left side of all internet pages.
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