ThoughtFarmer Search+

Search everything: people, pages and text within attached documents. ThoughtFarmer Search+ is a modern search engine that offers Search-as-You-Type, Best Bets, and “Did you mean” to help employees find the resources they need, faster.

Scope search

Narrow your search results within a section of the intranet. Jump from browsing to fine-tuned search results, instantly.


Browse and navigate to any page on the intranet with ThoughtFarmer’s intuitive tree navigation. The SuperNav is a super-speedy way for employees to find specific pieces of information across the organization.

Friendly URLs

Turn URLs from machine-speak into something humans can understand. ThoughtFarmer automatically uses the page title to generate links that are more readable and more findable.


Use bookmarks to save important pages to the personalized app bar, for quick access later. Click the star to add any intranet page to your list of bookmarks.

Employee Directory

Find people fast with ThoughtFarmer’s fast, flexible and beautiful employee directory. You can search and filter your organization by name, location, department, and expertise (to name a few). Also awesome on mobile for connecting with colleagues on the go.

Expertise locator

Find the perfect person to join your project, or to answer your question. Filter people by criteria you establish, such as certifications, languages spoken, or areas of specialty.

Organizational Chart

Use our interactive organizational chart to visually explore the connections between people. groups, departments, and locations.


Make information easier to locate by adding tags to any page or file. Click a tag to see every asset with that tag and create links to views filtered by tag.