Intranet Strategy is the Link Between Vision and Reality


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102Organizations have visions of increased employee engagement, productivity, and innovation as a result of implementing their new intranet. And yet, all too often, they begin their intranet implementation journey without a plan on how they are going to turn these visions into reality. Intranet strategy is the link between visions and reality…the plan for turning corporate goals into real behavior changes.

The first chapter, “If the Intranet’s the Solution, then What’s the Problem?” provides you with a solid mix of theory and practical tools to help you define what problems you’re solving, and design an effective intranet strategy to overcome them.

About the Author: Gordon Ross, VP of Strategy, ThoughtFarmer & OpenRoad
gord-281x341As head of our professional services team, Gord helps clients battle murky internal politics, overcome archaic IT infrastructures, and brave mountains of stale content to re-emerge with an intranet that creates value for employees and executives.

Gord has spoken around the world on intranet theory, including the SXSW in Austin, IntraTeam in Copenhagen, and the International HR Symposium in Cartegena. And most recently… he is writing this book, Intranets 101: the Essential Guide to Launching an Intranet.

About the Book
We’ve worked with hundreds of intranet teams to implement intranets and while every organization is unique, intranet project teams tend to face common challenges: unclear goals, poorly defined strategies, difficult to measure outcomes, and disorganized content. Intranets 101: The Essential Guide to Launching an Intranet is a collection of common intranet launch problems and ideas for overcoming them. The full book is expected to be published online and in hard copy in 2016.

In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter. We’d love to hear your feedback, questions, comments and ideas as we continue working on the chapters ahead. Comment on this blog post or drop us a line at

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