Merge Your People,
Not Just Your Companies

Culture clash undermines mergers and acquisitions. Unite people with ThoughtFarmer M&A Edition. ThoughtFarmer provides a communication and collaboration space, managed by the acquiring company and shared with the target. This customized social intranet immediately helps the merger team, managers, and employees to embrace and develop the culture of the merged entity.

Key features that support integration:

Start early with a virtual clean room

Win hearts and minds with a common vision and news on successes

Help people find each other

  • Merged employee directory, auto-populated
  • Expertise locator
  • Interactive org charts

Walk the talk

  • Ask the CEO Forum
  • CEO/Executive blogs

Communicate and manage change

  • Integration roadmap
  • Policies and procedures
  • Email catch-ups
  • Milestone calendar
  • Document storage

Launch fast

  • Cloud-based
  • Single sign-on
  • Automatically syncs with networks of acquirer & target
  • From USD $2000/month