The Intranets 101 eBook

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The Definitive Guide to Building, Promoting & Maintaining an Intranet

So you’ve just bought an intranet. Congratulations! But now the real work begins: you need to build, promote and maintain your new intranet. Where do you start? Our Intranets 101 eBook gives you the knowledge and tools you need to turn your intranet from a piece of software into a vibrant intranet that’s lively, friendly, and helpful.

This is a companion piece to our Intranet Buyers Workbook, which covers everything you contains everything you need to know to buy an intranet, the Intranets 101 eBook contains everything you need to know to build, launch and manage a social intranet. It picks up where the Intranet Buyers Workbook leaves off.

Included in this eBook

  • Build: From content audits to navigation structure, learn how populate your intranet with useful, findable resources.
  • Promote: Now, it’s time to add users. Learn how to get the people in your organization to actually want to use the intranet.
  • Maintain: Plan for the long wow! Learn how to make your intranet a useful tool for years to come.