Intranet Personas & Archetypes — Free Webinar (Updated)

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Do you know who uses your intranet?

Beyond the analytics you capture and crunch through on a monthly basis, what do you really know about your users?

Sure they’re your co-workers; you might even walk past them every day in the halls of your office tower… but who are they? And knowing who they are, how do we best communicate with them? What are their information needs and collaboration requirements? What kind of content works for them? What doesn’t?

For many of us responsible for intranets — be it strategy or design, content or governance — we are constantly faced with the challenge of understanding the user. After all, an intranet only provides value if users can find, comprehend, and utilize content and features.

But without an understanding of the multitude of employees your intranet is designed to serve, many intranet and communications professionals fall back on the default position of “Well, it works for me…” with the hidden assumption that “…doesn’t everyone think like me?”

And of course, we know the answer to that question.


The void between self-referential design, designing and producing content for the intranet with yourself in mind as the target user, and a nuanced understanding of your organization’s employees, your users, is where your intranet team’s best-laid plans turn into a decaying wasteland of stale content, minimal page views, and employee contempt.

So how do we close this gap and design an intranet that takes the end-user into consideration?

One valuable activity is the creation of personas, design artifacts that represent users through grouping attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, contraints, key tasks, and goals into a character sketch.

Personas move beyond basic descriptions like “HR manager” or “Customer Service Consultant” to create a robust, vivid, and lively character with an easily identifiable and recognizable personality. In doing so, we create a family of representative end-users who help us make design, content, and functional decisions about the intranet. They help us create a better experience and a more valuable intranet.

This webinar explores the techniques of personas and archetypes and applies them to intranets. Gordon Ross, VP of ThoughtFarmer and head of our Professional Services Team, will lead attendees through this hour-long webinar.

This webinar is now completed – watch the recording below.

(Please note: the recorded version starts 3 minutes into the webinar)

Gordon Ross, VP of ThoughtFarmer

This webinar answers the questions:

  • What are personas and archetypes?
  • What value do they provide?
  • How do you create them?
  • How do you use them?

You’re invited to explore this topic in our one hour, free webinar: Intranet Personas & Archetypes – For whom are we designing & communicating?

  • Date: Thursday, July 31st, 2013
  • Format: 40 minute presentation followed by a 20 minute discussion period.

Looking for a clear and simple path to a new intranet? Download our free Intranet Buyers Workbook to learn 10 key steps in evaluating intranet solutions.

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