Video: How tags work on a social intranet

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Because a social intranet makes easy content publishing available to all employees, ensuring people adhere to a complex, pre-defined site taxonomy (like most CMSs use) becomes quite challenging.

Tagging lets employees label content with terms that make sense from their own perspectives. While the “folksonomy” generated may have less strict structure than the usual website taxonomy, it is more flexible and provides useful links between related content.

Tags play an important role in ThoughtFarmer. A simple, yet sophisticated tagging interface makes it easy to add the right tags to any page, including employee profile pages.

Tags are indexed by the search engine and fully integrated in the search page and administrators have a lot of flexibility in setting up and managing tagging through the friendly admin panel.

Watch the video for a demonstration of how tags work on a social intranet:

Tagging features in ThoughtFarmer:

  • Tags on every page, including employee profiles
  • Multi-word tags with capitalization
  • Sophisticated “recommended tags” algorithm
  • Matching tags show up as you type
  • Click a tag to see all pages & documents with that tag
  • Tags fully indexed by the search engine
  • Use tags to filter down search results
  • Special expertise tags on employee profile pages
  • Administrator can create custom tag categories
  • Open or controlled tagging vocabulary

ThoughtFarmer administrators (and others who manage social intranets with tagging) see the post on Using Tags to Search in ThoughtFarmer for concrete tips on how to use tags to increase content findability.

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