Use Custom Fields to Liven Up ThoughtFarmer Employee Profiles


Custom Profile Fields are a great way to make Employee Profiles more interesting.

By default, ThoughtFarmer includes room for contact information and general profile text. However, many people don’t know what to put for their bio unless there are specific fields to fill out. That’s where Custom Profile Fields come in.

1. Go to the Administration Panel (you need administrator access) and click “User Profile Custom Fields”.

[screenshot] Admin Panel: Custom Profile Fields

2. Create a grouping for your new custom fields, such as “All About Me”.

[screenshot] Custom Profile Field Grouping

3. Add custom fields. Select from Rich Text, Textbox, Text and Dropdown field types, and specify the maximum length.

[screenshot] Adding custom profile fields

4. You’re done! Now your users can fill out the new fields, and they new information will appear on their profiles.

[screenshot] Employee profile with custom fields completed


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  1. Rose

    Thanks for this nugget! As simple as it may seem, this sort of information is helpful to those of us whose social media responsibilites fall under “other duties as assigned” and don’t have the time to fully explore the nooks and cranies. Keep it coming!

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