Tracy Hutton: Getting the C-Suite On Your Side

[photo] Tracy Hutton at SISVIn mid-2005, Wikipedia was largely unknown, Facebook required an Ivy League email address to join, and YouTube hadn’t even launched.

In this nascent environment, Tracy Hutton, then Vice President of Employee Experience at Intrawest‘s Placemaking division, convinced her executive team to embrace a radical concept for their intranet: everyone would be allowed to edit everything.

They launched ThoughtFarmer, and the resulting success led to an oft-cited Enterprise 2.0 Case Study and Tracy’s nomination as a “Rising Star” by British Columbia’s powerful Human Resources Management Association (BCHRMA).

Now a professional coach and a consultant at The Marcus Buckingham Company (and a brand new mom! congratulations!), Tracy presented “Getting the C-Suite On Your Side” at the Social Intranet Summit in October. In the video and slidedeck below, Tracy shares her strategies for securing executive buy-in through the story of launching her social intranet, “The Portal”, at Intrawest Placemaking.

For more from the Social Intranet Summit, sign up for the Social Intranet Summit Webinars. The next session is “Creating Effective Requirements”, and will be presented Wednesday, February 16th at 10:00am Pacific.

Getting The C-Suite On Your Side (Video on Viddler)

Getting The C-Suite On Your Side (Slidedeck on SlideShare)

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