ThoughtFarmer Branding Wins a “Reggie” for Best Identity Implementation


Hey, want an autograph? We’re famous!

Well, maybe not famous like the Charlie Bit My Finger kids or Double Rainbow Guy, but we won an award.

Well, actually, we didn’t win the award directly. It was the awesome digital agency that developed our new branding and website design, smashLAB, that won the award.

smashLAB won a “Reggie” award for Best Identify Application for ThoughtFarmer’s new brand, which we launched on our web site in April of this year. The Reggies are the Regional Design Awards given out annually by Design Edge Canada.

Our friends at smashLAB explain that the new ThoughtFarmer brand identity “plays off the concept of healthy organizational growth.” To see all the cool elements of our new look, read the smashLAB design case study of ThoughtFarmer.

From the whole team at ThoughtFarmer we’d like to say say congrats and thanks to smashLAB. You folks are a treat to work with and we love what you’ve done for us.


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  1. Eric Karjaluoto

    Thanks Ephraim! It’s been great working with all of you as well, and we’re really happy to see the identity in use!

  2. Farmers Journal

    Nice article! Great post about ThoughtFarmer Branding Wins a “Reggie” for Best Identity Implementation! Ephraim I hope you keep writing more blogs like this one. Thank you for the info Ephraim.

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