ThoughtFarmer 3.7 released. Key feature for IT managers: Windows password reset

ThoughtFarmer 3.7 is out today! Read the complete 3.7 overview in the Product section of our web site.

For this post, I’d like to focus on a feature that is much more popular than we anticipated: the ability to change your Windows network (Active Directory) password directly from ThoughtFarmer.

I work primarily from my home office. When my OpenRoad network password expired, I had 3 ways to update it:

  1. Use Windows Remote Desktop. Log on to a server I have access to, and change it from there. Issue: Lots of steps for most users, and I usually forgot which server to use.
  2. Use Outlook Web Access. Go to my Outlook web mail, and change it from there. Issue: We switched to Gmail. I can’t remember how to get to Outlook Web Access.
  3. Phone Lawrence. He’s at the office, he has the admin passwords, and he can hook me up. Issue: Lawrence is getting sick of my password reset requests.

None of these solutions is ideal.

ThoughtFarmer 3.7, however, warns you of expiring passwords.

ThoughtFarmer warns you of an expiring password

Follow the link, and you’re presented with a screen like this:

Change password from within ThoughtFarmer

No matter where you are — at home, traveling, in a satellite office — and no matter what type of computer you’re using — Mac, iPad, Linux, Windows — if you can access ThoughtFarmer, you can change your Windows network password.

We’ve spoken to many IT managers over the past few months who literally bubbled over with enthusiasm when we explained this feature. Apparently, there are expensive, dedicated web applications to handle password expiry and updates for off-network users. But now, you get it for free with ThoughtFarmer.

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