Small changes in ThoughtFarmer 6: Big leaps in intranet usability

Kanban exercise with ThoughtFarmer clients
In a KJ exercise, clients told us the #1 priority for their intranet: ease-of-use

If you’ve been following ThoughtFarmer, you know that intranet usability is important to us. We want ThoughtFarmer to be the most user-friendly intranet software in the world, so that you and your colleagues can truly work together better. That is exactly the inspiration behind our latest offering.

Marriage of social and useful in ThoughtFarmer 6.0

In ThoughtFarmer 6.0, we’ve improved existing functionality and added sweet new features. All of these changes give your users an interface that’s a pleasure to use. Here you can find links to blog posts about some of the bigger features, as well as explanations of the smaller improvements that are worth knowing about.

New Features we’ve already Blogged about:

Smaller improvements worth knowing about:

Live Search Results in Employee Directory

When you start typing a name or keyword in the employee directory search box, the results will show up in real time. Additionally, we’ve added infinite scrolling in the employee directory. Finding the right person is faster and easier than ever!

Intranet employee directory

New Search Filters 

We’ve expanded our auto-applied search filters: Now you can narrow down search results by “Owned by” (the page owner), or filter results by additional “Page types.” Searching ThoughtFarmer has never been easier.

Intranet search filters

List of “Locked” files in App Bar

With ThoughtFarmer’s killer new document management features comes this gem: A drop-down list in the intranet App Bar that shows all the files you currently have locked for editing. A notification icon lets you know how may files you have checked out and lets you save them back to the intranet. Never forget to check in a file again!

Checked out files intranet
Files you have locked are clearly indicated on the App Bar

Auto-Recovery of Unsaved Pages

Browser crash? Network outage? With ThoughtFarmer’s new auto-recovery feature you’ll stop losing your work due to unforeseen computer problems. Now if only our web browsers weren’t so persnickety.

autosave intranet
After a system crash, recover work with Auto-Recovery

Easier Content Syndication

For a while now, you’ve been able to display content from any intranet blog/news section on other parts of your ThoughtFarmer intranet. But the new interface for setting this up just got much easier and more flexible. Share, baby, share!

Intranet content syndication

Guided Tour for New Features

First time clicking the “edit” button in ThoughtFarmer 6.0? No worries, because our visual guided tour explains exactly what’s different and how to use all the sweet page and file editing features.

How to Edit Intranet
The guided tour on the new Edit Page

Granular bulk change of page ownership (admin feature)

It’s always been a pain for intranet administrators to deal with content owned by users who leave the company or change jobs. Our feature for switching all of an employee’s pages over to a new owner helps solve that problem. And now, the ability to change specific selections of a user’s pages to a new owner makes life even easier. With this level of control, intranet site admins may find their jobs just too easy.

Intranet change owner interface

Import/Export Custom Portlets (Admin Feature)

ThoughtFarmer’s custom portlets let you use simple, isolated coding to customize sections of your intranet. Now you can easily import and export your custom portlets in order to share with other ThoughtFarmer clients. (For existing clients, see “Sample TIK portlets” on our support site for more details.)

Import custom ThoughtFarmer portlets
Custom TIK portlets can now be imported and exported.

You can see the ThoughtFarmer 6.0 release notes on our helpdesk for all the rest of the improvements and changes that weren’t mentioned here.

To find out just how easy our social intranet software is, sign up for a live ThoughtFarmer demo. Even our sales guys are user-friendly!

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