Future of Work Series Part 1: Leanership and Connected Technologies

This interview is part one of the Future of Work four part series. ThoughtFarmer is hosting a Future of Work panel at Digital Strategy Conference Vancouver on April 29th. Register Now!

Stowe BoydThe exploding scale of computing, mobile, cloud, and connected technologies is rapidly changing the way we work. Stowe Boyd compares the transformation to a tsunami hitting our organizations. Stowe Boyd is a web anthropologist, a futurist, and the lead analyst for GigaOM Research on the future of work. He is currently writing a book called ‘Leanership: A New Way Of Work‘.

In this short interview, Stowe provides background into his leanership philosophy, and examples of who’s doing it right. This huge shift towards connected technologies means we need to change the way we manage companies. Instead of top-down management, we need to build an adaptable leadership team that is capable of quickly learning new skills (and “unlearning” old skills) and swiftly changing strategic direction. This is what Stowe likes to call Leanership. According to Stowe, “[We need] to adopt lean principles across the board, in the core tenets of work culture, and not just about the product cycle.”

Stay tuned for the remainder of the Future of Work series featuring Dave Gray (author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company), Megan Murray (Moxie Software), and David Ascher (Mozilla) in coming weeks.

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