Intranets 101 – Go be an intranet superstar!

Planning an epic intranet project?

Whether you’re planning a new intranet, exploring social intranets, or revamping your existing intranet, our new Intranets 101 section provides the perfect jumping-off point. With the honest guides, real-life examples, and strategic guidance provided you’ll leap ahead of the curve and give yourself a clear shot at success.

Intranet projects can be fraught with unexpected challenges and social intranets can bring their own special flavor of issues, along with the many opportunities they create. But with a little extra intranet knowledge and planning you can succeed beyond what you’ve ever expected.

What’s included in the Intranets 101 section?

Use our new Intranets 101 section to learn about the real world challenges of launching a new social intranet and build strategies for succeeding in your own unique organization. This one-page web resource includes:

  • Explanations of key terms
  • Case studies of real social intranet launches
  • Stories from real intranet managers
  • Practical articles and tips
  • Videos from popular social intranet webinars
  • Links to the best in-depth resources available

You can find all of these resources in one place, easy to access on the new ThoughtFarmer website. Check out Intranets 101.

Why so much awesome for free?

Because we love intranets, and we want you to love yours too!

We spend a lot of time helping clients navigate their intranet challenges and have learned the value of some good intranet knowledge up front. We had already produced a lot of this material and now have made it easily accessible, all in once place.

Intranets, and especially social intranets, sit at the intersection of information, communication, business process, company politics, personal networks and culture. But many people who are just starting out may only see simple issues of content or technology.

We are providing these free resources in the hopes that you can navigate the full scope of the social intranet journey successfully and to let you know that we’re rooting for you.

Good luck and have fun! In the words of Andy Jankowski (in the video on the Intranets 101 page), “the possibilities are endless!”