Intranet archiving: A social intranet user’s best friend

The new “Instant Archive” content archiving features in ThoughtFarmer 6.0 help users remove old content from their social intranet without the anxiety of deleting it completely.

One of the main reasons intranets fill up with stale content is that content owners are very hesitant to delete their pages and files. They want to clear out the detritus of long-finished projects and old news, but don’t want to lose forever the material they slaved over.

ThoughtFarmer’s new intranet archiving solves this problem! With the simple click of a button you can instantly archive a page or a whole section.

One simple click to archive a page or section
Click a button to archive a page or a whole section

ThoughtFarmer then hides the archived content from the navigation and search results. However, search results include a link to show archived content, so your archived content is never too far away. 

A link in search results to show archived content
Archived items are hidden from search by default

And any user can select the option to show archived content so she can see it in the intranet site navigation.

Hide or show archived content in navigation
You can opt to show archived items. They display with an “Archived” flag beside them

Intranet users can also set future archive dates when creating or editing content.

Set a future archive date on any page
Archive proactively by setting an archive date in advance

Intranet site admins have it even easier and can archive old content in bulk using the stale content reports in ThoughtFarmer’s admin panel.

Stale content report in the admin panel
Quickly pare down intranet content with the stale content search

ThoughtFarmer 6.0 brings a peace of mind to social intranet users and admins alike.

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