Shel Holtz Reviews ThoughtFarmer: “A Compelling Product”


Shel Holtz, a well-known communications consultant, posted an in-depth look at our Tubetastic marketing campaign, calling it “a lesson in excellent blogger outreach.”

Shel also took a close look at ThoughtFarmer itself, and had this to say:

I must confess, I was pretty impressed with ThoughtFarmer, which includes a slew of features ranging from single-signon and polls to inline tagging and image galleries.

Read his entire write-up.


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  1. Jim Dustin

    I had never heard of Thoughtfarmer before catching this URL from Shel (thanks again Shel). I read his description of the campaign, but wanted to comment here. As for marketing, awesome idea. As for screenshots, I’m going there now. Hopefully I will find a way to create a sandbox and try an evaluation of this experience!

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