Science Linking Intranets to Happiness | Webinar Recording

Social intranets can play a critical role in increasing employee engagement, which is why we invited Andy Jankowski to present at the Social Intranet Summit in 2011 and provide this live repeat webinar on The Science Linking Intranets to Happiness.

Did you miss the webinar? No problem – we have a full recording.

In this webinar Andy Jankowski, Founder of Enterprise Strategies and Global Director at the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF), combines current Positive Psychology research with his many years of experience working with intranets to explore the link between intranets and employee happiness.

Andy’s presentation was inspired by Tony Hsieh’s best selling Delivering Happiness Book and Jenn Lim’s groundbreaking Delivering Happiness Movement, and is a live repeat of his popular session from the 2011 Social Intranet Summit.

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