Video Case Study: Connecting Retail Employees to the Great Outdoors at MEC

Retail can be one of the harshest environments for internal communications and employee engagement. Retailers must create a consistent brand experience from store-to-store, even with numerous locations, constantly changing promotions, diverse schedules, and limited in-store computer access. As usual, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) has the right gear to get the job done.

Video Story: MEC’s Intranet Administrator explains how MEC uses ThoughtFarmer to communicate and collaborate.

MEC is Canada’s largest co-operative with 15 locations, 1400 employees, and over 3.5 million members. They are the retail destination for outdoor adventurers who are passionate about the environment and the community. MEC uses Mondo, their ThoughtFarmer-powered intranet, to integrate these shared values into their everyday work.

ThoughtFarmer has helped MEC to:

  • Communicate crucial information to a bilingual and geographically diverse workforce.
  • Reduce physical paperwork to aid in sustainability and efficiency.
  • Connect employees to each other and the brand by sharing outdoor adventures and experiences.

Despite the challenges inherent to the retail environment, MEC has built an intranet that everyones participates in and contributes to. It’s an intranet that helps them amplify their culture, and ultimately helps them accomplish their business goals. This is their fourth year using ThoughtFarmer and Mondo continues to grow and evolve with their business.

Want to learn more about how MEC created high levels of intranet adoption? Read our case study on Building a Culture of Collaboration at MEC.

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