Product pitches in Boston

So we didn’t wind up going to Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 conference this week. We certainly talked a lot about going, but it wasn’t in the cards. We’ve been focusing on working on the product, speaking with potential customers, and watching the blogs from afar. One post that caught my eye was Suw Charman’s comments on thinly disguised product pitches called keynotes. As she says, you expect to be pitched to a certain degree at a heavily sponsored conference, but it would be far more beneficial for someone to come out and say something interesting and non-product related (yes, we know you’re from Company X with Product Y), than do a feature review.

Sounds like both Stowe Boyd and David Weinberger gave interesting non-product-pitch presentations. And from reading those, was Suw a court stenographer in a previous life?!? These live-bloggers can sure type fast…

If you too didn’t make it to Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, there’s some PDF/PPT presentation slides on their website or you can watch video and the slides and read a transcript (wow) on a site powered by vPortal (Altus Learning Systems). Very impressive setup.

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