ThoughtFarmer ranked #11 on KPMG & Backbone Mag’s Top 20 Web 2.0 Companies in Canada


For the second year in a row, ThoughtFarmer has won a Pick20 Web 2.0 Award from KPMG and Backbone Magazine. This year, we move up the list from #18 to #11.

The PICK20 Web 2.0 Award recognizes Canada’s best minds and sharpest practitioners leading the 2.0 evolution of the Web.

We’re especially pleased to be on there again because “any nominee who appeared on last year’s PICK 20 was judged only on developments or progress in the past 12 months.” ThoughtFarmer has progressed tremendously in the past year, from both a technical and business perspective. It’s great to have that recognized!

The judges explain their selection of ThoughtFarmer as follows:

A winner last year, ThoughtFarmer “is still great, although they’ve got some tough competition. Still, it has a solid team, smart products and really cool marketing,” according to O’Connor Clarke. Trgovac also sees “lots of competition in the marketplace” but also calls ThoughtFarmer “one of the best social intranet applications I’ve seen, with a great interface and features.”

The full list of winners:

1. FreshBooks
2. Myca Health
3. CoveritLive
4. Viigo
5. Radian6
6. Filemobile
7. BoardSuite
8. NowPublic
9. Tungle
10. HootSuite
11. ThoughtFarmer
12. AfterCAD Online
13. TeamPages
14. The Manufacturing Innovation Network
16. Clarity Accounting
18. Taglocity
19. PollStream
20. Pixton


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