New Intranet Case Study: Ozinga Strengthens its Culture and Communications Using ThoughtFarmer

Of all the strengths of ThoughtFarmer, perhaps one of its best is how well it connects people. This was highlighted recently when we talked to Tim Ozinga, the director of communications at Ozinga and the main driver behind developing the company’s new ThoughtFarmer intranet. Read the entire case study.

The Challenge

Ozinga is a fourth generation, family owned supplier of concrete and materials operating in the US Midwest. After a period of growth and expansion, they had a number of offices and even more work sites and needed a way to improve the ability for employees to communicate with each other. Plus, as was pointed out to us, this was in an industry not known for highly tech-savvy employees, so the solution had to be accessible and easy to use. In addition, they wanted to build the feeling of a strong-knit family that the company was built upon. As Tim told us, “We wanted to reinforce the company culture, build morale, and ensure that everyone was engaged.”

Ozinga intranet community section
Ozinga’s ThoughtFarmer intranet helps foster a sense of community.

The Results

We were able to help Ozinga quickly develop and roll out a ThoughtFarmer intranet solution that has more than exceeded their expectations. From a state where communication was disconnected and many files were out of date, Ozinga now has an active company directory and a central repository of important documents. Communication between employees has dramatically improved and everyone has a better sense of what’s going on across the company. Moreover, with employees “having everything they need at their fingertips,” Ozinga noticed significant improvements in employee efficiency. Best of all, though, their new ThoughtFarmer intranet is helping build relationships between employees and strengthen the company culture.

Find out more: Read the whole case study here.

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