ThoughtFarmer in eWeek and Blognation


After the Office 2.0 conference, Darren, Nick and I were left with 322 business cards, 11 ThoughtFarmer t-shirts, 3 very expensive paperweights, and some cyberspace artifacts:

Clint Boulton mentioned ThoughtFarmer in his eWeek article on Collaboration:

I used JotSpot in a previous life, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of enterprise wiki action. So I was thrilled to take a peek at ThoughtFarmer, an enterprise wiki made by OpenRoad Communications. Designed to compete with products from Atlassian Software Systems and Socialtext as a Microsoft-based behind-the-firewall product, ThoughtFarmer’s interface looks almost like the Google News page…

Tris Hussey reviewed ThoughtFarmer in his Blognation post, “ThoughtFarmer Cultivates Something New for Intranets and Wikis”:

One of the cool companies I ran into at Office 2.0 is Vancouver-based ThoughtFarmer. Their tagline is “beyond wikis”, which you might think is corny (okay, that was the last farm pun) but when you see it in action you’ll see that ThoughtFarmer is something totally new and different.

Reichart Von Wolfsheild declared ThoughtFarmer as one of the top 3 product demos at the Office 2.0 conference. He sat through something like 43 of them (ouch), so he should know:

Lastly, the three best speakers (to me) represented: EchoSign, MindTouch, [and] ThoughtFarmer. Watch the videos of their demos from Office 2.0 to see why. Hint… passion, and knowledge of the product/service, the market, and the audience.

And finally, some Flickr photos:

Collage: ThoughtFarmer at Office 2.0


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  1. Aaron Fulkerson

    Wow! I (MindTouch) was selected as one of the best demo speakers? OMG. My presentation was atrocious! I was rushing out to another conference. Congrats to you. Sorry I missed your demo.

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